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If you want a top-class, full-size luxury car, there are a handful of viable options, including the Audi A8; if you want a family sedan, or estate, two of the best options would be the A4, or A6; if you want a sporty hatchback, the RS3 might be the best one put there; if you are after a cool city car, Italian creations like the Fiat 500 have a classy and reliable competitor in the A1; if you want a proper supercar, get yourself a V10 R8, and if you can’t afford it, there’s the TT; if you are into chiptuning, there aren’t many better options than TFSI and TDI engines – simply put, objectively speaking, Audi has a solution to any automotive desire you might have.

The company has been around for about 106 years now and its history has amounted to something huge. Aside from the Auto Union glory days in the 1930s, Audi engineers developed the quattro AWD system putting it to the Audi Quattro coupe that rocked the rally world beating anything it was driven against and definitely making AWD a must for rally if you have any idea of competitiveness. The system was later introduced to the entire range, now even the tiny A1 having a quattro version, but Audi did not rest on their quattro laurels, rather working on every aspect of the automotive industry, topping many of them, which resulted in the overwhelming presence in almost every segment. If you’re buying an Audi, regardless of your particular choice, you will get a high-class car with amazing engineering, cool design and performance and loads of accessories. Moreover, there will most certainly not be many better options in the class, regardless of the price.

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