Hyper1000 System for McLaren MP4-12C, 650S, 675LT, 570S, 570GT, 720S

Hyper1000 System for McLaren MP4-12C, 650S, 675LT, 570S, 570GT, 720S

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Breaking the four-figure horsepower barrier involves upgrades to the engine blueprint, turbochargers, transmission, driveline, and fuel system. Redesigned aerodynamics compliment these engine enhancements to ensure your McLaren is properly balanced to handle the extreme speed.


When you combine all of these engineering feats including our Globally-Approved Patented Tri-Boost Turbocharging System with thorough dynamometer tuning, P1’s beware!


Engineering your stock McLaren to output 1,000 HP requires extracting the entire powertrain to upgrade the blueprint, turbochargers, transmission, driveline, fuel system, mounts, etc. Such enhancements demand the use of  stronger  and  lighter  aerospace-quality  superalloys  and  improved  temperature  control.  Reprogrammed modules ensure proper balance and control to handle this extreme power. Forged aerospace aluminum wheels paired with stickier and wider contact footwork finalizes this system putting you in the driver’s seat for an experience like no other!



  • Complete Vehicle Health Inspection
  • Initial vehicle disassembly and removal of entire powertrain
  • Improved heat shielding and isolators for maximum temperature control
  • Total exhaust system without catalytic converters constructed of INCONEL superalloy and handcrafted

with precision fitment. Ceramic coated as well as flow tested for maximum efficiency and sound tuning.

  • HYPER rear exhaust fairing for improved engine bay airflow and integrated, center-exit exhaust tip (See Figure 1)
  • HYPER reengineered factory ECU (OBD2 & MDS compliant)
  • HYPER1000 ECU firmware
  • HYPER ESP Dynamic Programming
  • Hi-Flow RACE air filters
  • Upgraded T-bolt hose clamps to support high boost loads
  • Upgraded reinforced intercooler plumbing
  • HYPER Cooling Assist System (HCAS, See Figure 2)

          o Divorced reservoirs providing an independent coolant system for intercoolers

          o Additional heat exchangers

          o RACE coolant lines

         o Independent coolant system pump

         o See technical notes and performance improvements on Post #12:



  • HCAS Optimization with heat shielding
  • HYPER1000 Air-Water Intercoolers
  • HYPER Intake Upgrade
  • High resonance dampening
  • HYPER blueprinted and balanced race engine
  • Forged engine internals
  • Custom sleeved engine block
  • HYPER1000 Cylinder Head Package
  • New cam phasers
  • Upgraded valve springs
  • HYPER Engine Mounts with added lateral tie-rod
  • HYPER Limited Slip Differential System
  • HYPER1000 Multi-Disc Race Clutch § HYPER transmission mount
  • HYPER1000 Global-Approved Patented Tri-Boost Turbocharging System (See Figure 3)
  • HKS Racing blow-off valve system
  • HYPER1000 Axles
  • HYPER1000 fuel injectors
  • HYPER1000 high-flow fuel pumps
  • Professional dynamometer tuning
  • HYPER-LITE race engineered forged T6 aerospace aluminum wheels (See Figure 4, 79 lbs per set, choice of wheel color and style)
  • Complete set of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires with wider contact patch
  • HYPERCAR 1-year/12,000-mile Limited Warranty (See full details at hyperfastcars.com/warranty)


Optional add-ons (NOT included in TOTAL):


  • HYPER-LITE race engineered forged magnesium wheels (choice of wheel color and style)
  • 19x11 rear wheel option (aluminum or magnesium)
  • Complete set of Michelin Competition Race Slick tires $3,000
  • HYPER Icebox $3,000
  • HYPER Headlights (MP4-12C) $1,500
  • Carbon fiber P1-style hood $4,750
  • Fiber glass P1-style hood (unpainted) $3,500
  • Carbon fiber OE-style hood $3,000
  • Partial carbon fiber MSO-style bumper for MP4-12C $5,750
  • Fiber glass MSO-style bumper for MP4-12C $5,000
  • Portion carbon fiber 675LT-style front bumper $8,500

           o Includes full fender conversion body kit

  • Carbon fiber louvered MSO-style front fenders (12C) $4,000
  • Carbon fiber canards (2 pieces – 1 left/right) $750
  • Carbon fiber 675LT-style side skirts $4,500
  • Carbon fiber RZS-style side skirts $3,000
  • Full carbon fiber armadillo kit (12C/650S coupe only) $4,500
  • Carbon fiber armadillo fairing $2,500
  • Carbon fiber armadillo vents $2,000
  • Carbon fiber RZS-style larger airbrake $1,500
  • Carbon fiber 2-piece air brake $4,000
  • Carbon fiber P1-style rear diffuser $4,000
  • 4-point roll bar (coupe) $4,000
  • 4-point roll bar (spider) $6,500
  • Brake pads/carbon ceramic brake upgrade
  • Race seat with 6-point harness