Lamborghini Tuning by HyperFast Cars

How do we reach our performance?

The operation of an internal combustion engine is dependent on three factors: fuel, oxygen, and ignition. The engine management system determines the relationships between these factors and sets up a number of different filters and limiters. Our adjustments will make the combustion process better, so your engine operates more efficiently. We do not just add a few percent here and there, but each and every one of our modifications are carefully calculated, adjusted and its effects are further monitored. Our modifications are the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) level and follow the architecture of the manufacturer. After HyperCar your engine will have more horsepower, better throttle response and more torque which you will be able to tell the moment you leave our workshop. More torque means higher efficiency and smoother ride in daily traffic, which can lead to lower fuel consumption, while better

throttle response gives an amazing drive feel and more confidence during overtakes and acceleration.

Many people who consider themselves tuners simply add a few percent to increase turbocharger pressure and fuel injection, or download some kind of all-fit software from the internet. However, tuning files need to be custom made for every engine and dyno tested. The fact that your car has more power and that you can feel the boost does not mean that your engine is optimally tuned. As you can expect, these “blind” adjustments mostly collide with the manufacturer’s settings and they can be sometimes inefficient, but more often harmful to the engine. Data Logging while customizing the software is necessary in order to measure the air/fuel ratio, turbo pressure, and temperatures. The data log is necessary to check whether these values or are safely adjusted.

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