Carbon Fiber iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Cases

Carbon Fiber iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Cases

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Carbon Fiber & Co. is a manufacturer of premium quality, Real Carbon Fiber Accessories- including iPhone cases, Wallets, and Money Clips that has partnered with HyperFastCars. Each item is hand-crafted from start to finish, and inspired by F1 cars and exotic automobiles such as McLaren, Pagani, Bugatti, and Koenigsegg.  


The Carbon Fiber & Co. premium quality Carbon Fiber iPhone 7 case is constructed from 100% pure 3k twill Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber, and is the perfect case for the Carbon Fiber enthusiast. The ultimate case for those who don’t like the added bulk on their phone, without compromising on protection. Each case is individually hand-crafted by our carbon fiber professionals to ensure a quality finish.

Our real Carbon Fiber minimalist iPhone 7 case is the perfect case for someone who wants a sleek and slim case that will compliment the incredible aesthetics of the iPhone 7. At a thickness of less than .8mm, this is one of the thinnest and lightest iPhone 7 cases on the market.

The carbon fiber in this iPhone 7 case has been engineered drawing inspiration from hypercars such as the Pagani, Koenigsegg, and Bugatti Veyron using layers of Aerospace grade carbon fiber. When installed on your iPhone 7, the aluminum body of the phone provides an amazing accent to the pure carbon fiber reminiscent to the carbon fiber found throughout the construction of exotic cars and F1 race cars.