McLaren 12C/650S/675LT/570S/570GT Downpipes with Cats

McLaren 12C/650S/675LT/570S/570GT Downpipes with Cats

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 McLaren Downpipes with Cats

Designed for McLaren MP4-12C/650S/675LT/570S/570GT

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Constructed of Inconel, the same superalloy used in Formula 1. These downpipes are a direct replacement to the factory exhaust. The entire exhaust is ceramic coated for temperature resistance and wrapped in our custom designed heat blankets ($2,400 value for the blankets).
Removal of the factory downpipes produces a more aggressive exhaust note, an increase in horsepower and reduction in parasitic heat that results in lower IATs (Intake Air Temperatures). Ceramic coating along with heat blankets further reduce engine bay temperatures  providing consistent, more reliable power
Each downpipe weighs just over 8 lbs prior to wrapping with heat blankets. Fabricated at our headquarters near Charlotte, NC. Items are not in stock and built to order. Lead time can be 1-2 weeks for fabrication.